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As you have experienced in your life, things sometimes have happened accidentally. It could be bad luck or good luck, depending on your views and the other events happening before and around that activity.

Like you, many events have happened with me, and I was lucky enough to form TinDoLand.

One day, Chamila, a carer in my young son’s toddler class, asked me if I could show kids in the class food from my family. Since my son (nicknamed Dodo) entered this early learning centre when he was 8 months old, it was a very close and friendly connection between carers and families. My son and his friends knew each other very well since they swapped birthday parties a lot in their class. I agreed with Chamila to contribute to the activity.

At the same time, I was a volunteer teacher for Vietnamese language in the Hoa Nghiem Buddhist temple Vietnamese school. The centre has followed the mainstream Victoria’s Education framework in teaching a language. Basically, I knew how to engage kids through many professional development programs, training courses and real teaching experience in my LOTE classes. Many friends joked with me to switch my engineering career to teaching career. Actually, my mom was a teacher. 

The workshop happened in the lunch time so that kids ate the food. The recipe was simple with four vegetables and fruits. I used the specialised toolkit set that we have used in our family so that kids learned the same way as my son. Kids were excited to make and eat the food. Chamila was so surprised and happy. She called all carers in the center to see the activity, including the center’s director. I was very happy too. Chatting with the director unveiled that the activity was really good for kids, covered the ELC framework and should be shared among other centres. 

Everyone was happy. Kids. Carers. Director. And me. 

Later other parents told me that they liked it.

Why not should I multiply this happiness!

So that TinDoLand was born.

Child playing with food

Our Mission

At TinDoLand, we serve you to enjoy fun times and good food. We want our products and services to be known by schools and families in Australia and around the world.


Our Values

3C (Circles) of our core values:

-Care and love: We make things happen because of these values. 

-Curiosity and fun: We welcome new things.

-Creativity and innovation: We foster a difference.

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Our Brands

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Rolling Fun: a workshop service about healthy eating and multicultural capability. We use multiple art forms to convey the message to our target audience.
Rice Paper Roll: products as a toolkit set so that kids and family can easily and quickly enjoy making and eating the food. 

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